Wednesday, November 05, 2008

User Account Control in Windows 7

These are some quick notes from a session on UAC by Paul A. Cooke, Tech-Ed EMEA 2008:

Microsoft Windows 7 will reduce the number of OS applications and tasks, that require elevation – this has been done by re-factoring apps and tasks into elevated and non-elevated pieces.

UAC v2 will provide a more flexible prompt behavior for administrators, also administrators will see less UAC elevation prompts.

Users can do even more as standard user (eg. parts of Bitlocker, Windows Update etc.), they will also be able to ‘read’ system settings without needing to elevate.

Windows 7 will be better spotting human vs. application changes, this way “human administrator” changes will be allowed without too many prompts.

UAC can now easily be graduated into 4 levels (from the strict Vista default to totally off) - everything can of course be handled using group policy.


To me this is all pretty cool – but to be honest, I’m one of those weird guys, who don’t care about Vista UAC prompts… I just press ALT+C… How hard can it be? ;-)