Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why does standby overrule shutdown?

Well, I’m a Microsoft kinda guy – but I do have a problem with one “feature” which has been part of the Windows OS for some time…

Normally I change the default behavior under Power Setting, so that Windows does NOT start a STANDBY process when I close the lid of my laptops – but I haven’t done it on all of my machines, and under every user profile I have (and customers have the same issue).

So, what happens is, that you are done for the day, and then you start a SHUTDOWN process like normally, and then you close the laptops lid – a STANDBY process then starts – Doh!

That means, the SHUTDOWN process is put into STANDBY mode, and the next time you boot your laptop, the machine state resumes, just to finalize the SHUTDOWN process… And then you have to boot you machine to get started – hmmm, I definitely don’t like it!

So what should happen? Well, when a SHUTDOWN process had started, a STANDBY process should NOT be able to “take over” – just let me close the laptop lid and continue the already started SHUTDOWN process, thanx :)

OK, I admit that it’s only a problem when I haven’t changed the default Power Settings, but I can’t be the only human being in this world with that particular problem!?!? Why would you EVER want a SHUTDOWN process to be put into STANDBY mode?


BTW – I have seen, that Mac and Ubuntu people have the same issue on some version – don’t know if it has been fixed on those OS – I have the problem on all the different Windows systems I run on laptops.


baillard said...

This explains why I find my laptop running in my backpack several times a week, I close the cover too soon! Have you submitted a bug for this on Windows 8 beta?

Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

To be honest I haven't tested with Windows 8.