Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No place like

So, I'm back home from a great trip to Seattle, Washington, US. The MVP Summit 2008 was a cool experience with lots of info and room for dialog with the product teams at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond.

We had some awesome talks on the future of Group Policy and I would really like to share it with you, but because of Non-Disclosure Agreements 'n' stuff I can't really say anything - yet.

Seattle is a very interesting city with a lot of great restaurants, nice architecture and friendly people. I had 2½ day to spend after the summit and even though I was missing my family Seattle took great care of me :)

Anyway, I hope to go back there next year - better prepared for jetlag (which basically means I'll travel a few days before the event next time) - but, that all depends on how much time I get to share information with you guys/girls out there... No sharing, no MVP award - that's the rule ya' know ;-)

Thanx to the GP team and the other MVPs for a great experience!