Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Group Policy Survival Guide

Yes, it's true - there's a new GP guide out there from Microsoft...

Check it out here - it's pretty cool!




Simplemente Madera said...

Hello, can any one hel me please, i see u are very good in this, im trying to block some files extensions with a group policie, can u help me plase, i can do it with the software exe file, but if i need to block torrents files, how can i do this



Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

Hi Roger

It sounds a bit like you have other issues than file types actually. If you have users, who are able to install fileshare applications, that is your REAL problem - meaning: if you have users who are administrators on their machines, that's your real problem!

Before closing down filetypes you should take away this level of access, are these users actually admins - if not, please tell me why this is a problem in your current environment?

Best regards