Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easily leave users with the Least Privilege possible

A new and shiny - free! - tool from BeyondTrust makes it possible for admins around the world to figure out exactly what rights different applications in the environment need to run. This kind of info is essential for removing administrative rights from users and running a "principle of least privilege" environment!

BeyondTrust® Application Rights Auditor is a totally FREE tool which profiles applications and seamlessly identifies the required permissions - very easy to implement, use and manage.

We all know, that administrative rights allow users to circumvent security policies, install unauthorized applications and make unauthorized modifications to a standard desktop configuration - let's move away from those risks... Just register, download and test out this free application - this is "low hanging fruit" giving your environment a needed security-vitamin injection!

Download the Product Sheet (PDF) right here!

A desktop component can be installed on multiple computers to transparently examine applications during execution. The reporting console gives a nice overview of applications the environment from a central point.

Reporting Console Prerequisites:
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SP 1 and
Microsoft Management Console 3.0


Go for it !