Friday, February 08, 2008

Why a single AV engine is not enough!

This is just to prove my point - a single AV engine is not enough if you want to be secure.

I had this problem today at a customer - a user had received a link in her Messenger... And she clicked it and probably accepted to execute the thing => Pooof (all her MSN Messenger contacts were spammed with links to the worm)!

We tried to use some different online scanners - as the local AV engines (no names mentioned) didn't find anything - even after updating the signatures. The online scanners I tried first didn't show anything. So, this particular online scanner turned out to be VERY cool and effective:


I can recommend this scanning link whenever you have a suspicious file you want to scan:

As you can see it uses several engines to determine if the file is infected or not - so nice, thanx!