Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions are now available for download!

Here we are - Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions are now available for download. This is a cool thing bringing lot's of Group Policy Power to admins around the world!

The GPP CSEs are included in Windows Server 2008 RTM, but can now be downloaded for:
Windows XP SP2+ (32/64 bit)
Windows Server 2003 SP1+ (32/64 bit)
Windows Vista RTM+ (32/64 bit)

These are the links:
GPP CSEs for Windows Vista (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows Vista x64 Edition (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows Server 2003 (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows XP (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB943729)

To get Group Policy Preferences on your network all you need is a single Windows Server 2008 as a management station in you existing Windows Server 2003 AD (or 2008 AD of course). When RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) is out there - very soon! - a Windows Vista SP1 will be enough to get this cool functionality in your domain!

But remember, no GP Preferences (GPP) without the CSEs - so go ahead and download them now ;-)




Bogdan Soima said...

And how do we deploy the CSE-s ? Didn't find info about this anywhere ?

Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

I'm working on a script to perform the installation in a more "intelligent" way, but basically you'll need to run one of these commands:

\\server\updates\setup.exe /quite /passive /norestart

%windir%\system32\wusa.exe \\server\updates\Windows6.0-KB943729-x86.msu /quiet /norestart

You could perfom an initial test if it's installed already:
if not exist %systemroot%\KB943729.log \\server\updates\setup.exe /quite /passive /norestart

Jakob H. Heidelberg

ting04 said...

We are using the German Builds of Vista Business Sp1 and are unable to install the Package. We get the message that the package is not supported on our system. It does work on an English Build, so it looks like this Package IS NOT "Language Neutral", like it should be.

Any Ideas?

Unknown said...

Hi Jakob,

Thank you for your insights. For those of you who like to copy and paste (like me), be sure to spell quiet correctly in the first example.

\server\updates\setup.exe /quiet /passive /norestart

For clarification purposes, pleae note setup.exe is the downloaded KB file from M$.

For full switchs, you can use the /help command.

Unknown said...

I am trying to install KB943729 silently with the following command
%windir%\System32\wusa.exe %windir%\updates\Windows6.0-KB943729-x86.msu /quiet /norestart

But everytime I pass in /quiet it does not install, and i get the error in eventvwr 'The Windows update "Update for Windows (KB943729)" could not be installed because of an error: 2149842978'

Any ideas?

Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

I'm pretty sure that has to do with your system language not being english - am I right?

Unknown said...

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for your quick reply. The system language I use is English, I can get it to install no problem without the /quiet. But once I put in the /quiet it stops working.

For the deployment tool we use all apps are deployed under system so they need to be installed silently.I really am at a loss to why it won't work?


Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

That's just plain strange - I can't tell you why - so sorry!

If (or WHEN) you find the solution, please let me/us know :)

Unknown said...

Hi Jakob,

Regarding the MSU that I was having trouble installing silently I found this KB929761, that contains a patch for the situation I described.
You have to install this patch to be able to silently install any MSU that contains an EULA.

Thanks for your prompt responses earlier.

Kind Regards,

Unknown said...

Hello ting04,
you cannot install the GPCE files on german versions of Vista business or enterprise. The files you can download from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=05d0598b-95f9-4bdd-af36-b365d68ec5f6&displaylang=en
are all localizied (EN-US) Versions and not up-to-date!

Download the files from the windows update catalog http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx or use the files downloaded from WSUS!

Microsoft will fix this asap!

kind regards


Anonymous said...

do you have one for Windows 7?>

Anonymous said...


Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

The GP Preferences CSE is build into Windows 7 actually... So no need to deploy them anymore.

Anonymous said...

hm.... i created a group policy for network printer but after applied. it wont apply to Windows 7.. do i need to set anything?

chrisbrittan said...

I have the same problem....did you manage to fix it?