Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Group Policy Changes in WS2008 article - part 4


Just want to let you know that my latest article about "Group Policy related changes in Windows Server 2008" has been released today on

This 4th article in the series deals with Group Policy Preference actions, processing options, SYSVOL, Item Level targeting (ILT), Export/Import functionality, "well hidden stuff", variables, logging, future additions etc. - read more here...


I hope you like it - feel free to drop a comment or vote on the site!!!





Dennis said...

When using GPP to map drives... what happens when a user the GPP applies to logs onto a server, for example, that has the mapped drive letter already assigned to a volume on the server?

I want to map drives with preferences, but am worried about my servers since this is a user configuration and not a computer configuration.

Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

You can make all sorts of filtering (targeting) to make sure your servers are not hit be the policy - easy job! :)