Thursday, January 17, 2008

VM Ware with Multiple Physical NICs

Got a question about whether it's possible to attach physical network adapters to VM Wares virtual network adapters - like eg. 1-to-1. An 'yes' it's possible... Just like it's possible in Virtual PC and Virtual Server from Microsoft.

It's basically the same story for VM Ware Workstation and Server (almost the same dialog boxes) - go to Virtual Network Settings:


Select what "Virtual Networks" you want - in here you can assign specific NICs to VMnet0-9 (you BRIDGE your adapters to the virtual "switch" you could say).

Pretty nice - now you're almost done...

On the Virtual Machine Settings - select the Network Adapter - choose Custom - and select the Virtual Network your Physical Network Adapter is bound to:


That should do it. Simple, right?