Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SoftGrid is now Microsoft Application Virtualization

I hope you have tried out SoftGrid (part of the cool MDOP package) - but, now we gotta start using a new name: "Microsoft Application Virtualization" - or actually "System Center Application Virtualization Management System "...

We all know the Microsoft way of doing this by now: buy the technology/product, start selling with the good old (well known) name, change the name - and some would add: then, as the very last part of the process, change the naming within the code, like "Softricity" folder names, service names etc. (as they often "forget" about this).

Nevertheless a Public Beta version is available for the NEW version 4.5 (most have 4.2 out there I guess). The Beta is available from Microsoft Connect - just sign up and as to participate in the "Application Virtualization 4.5 Public Beta".

You then ask: what's the new stuff? First of all we of course have a lot of bugfixes, but you also have new and cool functionality worth a lot of nice words - but I'm afraid it's gonna be another time, sorry.

However, check these links:
Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Beta – What’s New
Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization


Hope you will like it!