Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Microsoft IT Forum 2007 Barcelona

Hi there,

I've been pretty busy the last days - so I haven't have time to create this "hello from Barcelona" post, now it's here :)

This year is a little special for me as it's the first time participating as a HOL (Hands-On-Lab) Proctor and an ATE (Ask The Expert - or "Ask The so called Expert")... So I'm working for Microsoft some hours during the day, which means I cannot attend all the sessions I might want - but so far I've been very lucky.

I'm assigned to the MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) labs - so for me it's SoftGrid, AGPM (Advanced Group Policy Management), Desktop Error Monitoring, DART (Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset - which is actually the good old "Administrators Pak" from the former Winternals, including the Locksmith utility to reset passwords...) - most attendees seems to focus on SoftGrid and AGPM though (as expected).

I've met a lot of Danes down here - we are around 250 this year - that is really great I think (compared to the size of the country). Many companies can see the value of TechEd apparently - I can understand why. For me it's not only the technical news, info and sessions, but also meeting people from around the world, from my own country, from Microsoft and vendors - and doing some good old "social networking" - which is very valuable, both shot and long term.

Hope to see you soon (or maybe next year).