Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WSUS 3.0 Released - nice stuff!

I'm happy to tell you that WSUS version 3.0 has been released! The release day was April 30th 2007 - a day to remember...

This version bring lots of goodies compared to it's younger brother WSUS 2.0 (who did a great job in my opinion).

So, what's new? Well, let my try to wrap up some of the really good stuff:
- Inplace upgrade over WSUS 2.0 SP1
- New setup and configuration wizard
- New MMC (Microsoft Management Console) GUI
- New views and reports (and faster reports - up to 50%)
- Cleanup wizard for management of stale clients and content
- Built-in email notifications
- New approvement rules
- Enhanced target group concepts (eg. overlapping group membership)
- Support for language sub-setting for downstream replica servers
- Peer caching
- Syncronization with MS down to every 1 hour now
- Native support for x64 platform
- NLB (Network Load balancing) and SQL Cluster support
- MOM Management Pack (will be released very soon)
- Client 'Sync me now' quick check-in
- and all the other stuff...

x86/x64 package
WSUS 3.0 Release Notes
WSUS 3.0 on SBS 2003
Deployment Guide for WSUS 3.0
Step-by-step Guide: Getting Started with WSUS 3.0

Go to WSUS Technical Library for more information, guides etc.

I think we will all benefit from this release - well, maybe not the penguin guys :)