Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Windows Vista Language Packs

First of all - happy Vista Launch Day :)

I just want to write a real quick blog about Windows Vistas way of handling Display Language. With Windows 2000/XP we also had MUIs - Multilingual User Interface language packs - they were just a bit more complicated to setup (just getting the media was a seperate task). LIPs (Language Interface Pack) for Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Enterprise are now available on Windows Update!

Installing languages (we can have multiple packs installed):

The administrator installs the required language packs and users can user Regional and Language Options to set their Display Language - the language follows the user. In this case I'm, gonna select Danish...

Now all we have to do is to log off:

The GUI is not in Danish... Internet Explorer, Calculator, Control Panel, Help & Support - everything!

Other language packs are available on the Windows Update website - by the end of 2007 there should be 99 languages available according to Microsoft

Extremely cool and smooth if you ask me :)


Unknown said...

The GUI is "not" in danish... Should'nt that be "now"? :)

Jakob H. Heidelberg said...

Ups - yes you're absolutely right :)

Unknown said...

What about Vista and Office 2007 Language Interface Packs for windows Vista Home Premium? In microsoft update web page (http://www.microsoft.com/industry/government/locallanguage/languages.mspx) sais "coming soon". It would be a month or 5 years. Wouldn't it? Do you know something of this? Thanks a lot.