Saturday, October 21, 2006

Alt+C Vista Trick

This might be a very simple trick which is known to many people out there, but I'm gonna give it out for free no matter what you say :-)

I've read and heard people complaining about the new UAC popup we have in Windows Vista - personally I really don't mind at all - but this really seems to mess people up... Before this, the same people probably complained about the lack of security in Microsoft products, talking about how wonderful Mac and Linux is to use, hmm let me stop now before I get too angry.

Well, I just want to say, that whenever you see this:
All you have to do is press [Alt]+C !!! You DON'T have to click the "Continue" button with the mouse... Once you've learned this trick, maybe you won't get so annoyed with Vista UAC behavior anymore ;-)

1 Comment:

Unknown said...

Just go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control OFF..